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Visit our “Bergisches Land” with its rolling hills and rushing brooks

The green surroundings of the country house Spatzenhof invite us to explore nature with hiking, biking and excursions. The destinations are as varied as the landscape itself. So you can explore numerous local and industrial history museums, castles and churches.


Great prospective for  those who want to hike and explore the Bergisches Land

Besides the large Dhünntalsperre reservoir, Wermelskirchen is surrounded by picturesque woodlands, which can be explored by following 180 kilometres of well-marked hiking trails.

"Bergischer" hiking bus

Take the Bergisch hiking bus from April to October! Start on a trail parking lot and take the bus back or schedule the start or end points of your walks at the stop just 1 km away from Landhaus Spatzenhof! For more information, please contact our staff.

Panorama Bike paths

The cycling network “Panorama Bike paths” connect the regions Bergisches Land, Sauerland and southern Ruhr. A special highlight of the already picturesque route network is that the cycling trails mostly follow disused railway lines. The Balkan route runs from Opladen to Lennep to the Rhine valley and leads directly through downtown Wermelskirchen.


Almost consistently framed by trees connecting the German Avenues Route and Eastern Bodensee – over 2,500 kilometres. Wermelskirchen is also located on the route, which crosses through the countryside between Remscheid and Hückeswagen. Take this romantic avenue to explore the surroundings of Wermelskirchen! For example, the historic Odenthal-Altenberg or the Haunted Eifgental. Explore the Dhünntalsperre reservoir and attractive town centres of Radevormwald and Hückeswagen.

The Bergische Pilgrim Way

One of the most attractive sections of the St James’ pilgrim way you will find in Bergisch Land known as the “Bergische Pilgrim Way”, which runs from the convent church in Wuppertal-Beyenburg via Remscheid-Lennep, past the Eschbachtalsperre to Wermelskirchen and then to Altenberger Dom in Odenthal. The way towards Santiago de Compostela continues via Cologne and Aachen. Follow one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Europe, the scallop shell is seen on posts and signs in order to guide pilgrims along the way.

Golf Club Dreibäumen

In the immediate neighborhood is the idyllic Golf Club Dreibäumen (Three trees), a place for the whole family with its golf school and many events. With four other clubs in NRW it forms the merger “GOLF HIGH FIVE”.

Sehenswürdigkeiten in der näheren Umgebung

  • Historical town centres:
    Wermelskirchen (ca. 2 km)
    Lennep (ca. 8 km)
    Hückeswagen (ca. 10 km)
  • Altenburger Cathedral (ca. 20 km)
  • Castle Schloss Burg (ca. 8 km)
  • Reservoir (ca. 10 km)
  • German X-ray-museum (ca. 8 km)
  • German tool-museum (ca. 13 km)